Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year when we seek to keep our toes warm, our kitchens aromatic, and our homes full; full of laughter, full of love, and most importantly, full of our loved ones. It is a time that inspires people to wind down, relax, and share. And because giving is such a wonderful sensation, both for the giver and the receiver, I would like to share some of my favorite winter treats with you. Some of these are older recipes on my blog, but they will always remain goodies. Whether you wrap them up to give as gifts, or enjoy them with the special people in your life on a cold winter’s night, they will be sure to strengthen bonds and spark conversation. P.S. I hope you love pistachios. 🙂

On another note, I want to send very warm greetings to all the new faces that have followed this blog in recent months. I am so thrilled that you are making my recipes for the holidays and absolutely grateful that you have even taken the time to let me know how you’ve liked them. I sincerely appreciate your kind comments, questions, and feedback. As I have said before, I started this blog to engage and unite people. It has been so lovely seeing that vision come to life as our conversations grow through food and beyond. I ardently  believe that it is a conversation worth investing in, as food, a primary human need, has the ability of reminding us of our commonalities.

That being said, my love for food, cooking, and sharing does not go without feeling empathy for those who will have to sleep with empty stomachs this cold winter. 1 in 8 people in the world go to bed hungry every night. And while many of us may feel hopeless upon hearing this statistic, we have the power to make a difference. Any small donation to international organizations or acts of kindness to refugees in our neighborhoods, for example, can transform lives. The brutal toll that the Syrian crisis has taken on everyday people, many children, has left them in vital need of sources of nutrition. If you’re interested in helping, click here for a list of trustworthy organizations working in Syria and assisting refugees.

I wish you and your families Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year filled with lots of love, peace, and happiness.


Hanady Xx

White Chocolate Sahlab


Bejeweled Chocolate Bark


Honey, Nut, and Date Chocolate Bars

Gourmet Stuffed Honey Figs

IMG_5963 copy

Olive Oil, Pistachio, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_3533 copy

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies Stuffed with Nutella, (Coming Soon)


For more sweet treats click here.

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  1. sallybr says:

    A beautiful post, summarizing pretty much what the season is all about… love, sharing, caring

    (my heart missed a beat with the Choc Chip Pistachio Cookies stuffed with the Stuff Of Dreams)


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    1. Hanady says:

      Hi dear Sally! Thank you so much for that thoughtful post and for the wishes. 🙂 And haha, Nutella is, indeed, the stuff of dreams! Happy Holidays to you and your family! X


  2. Eha says:

    I am doing a slow clap reading of your true understanding of what the holiday season should be about. And oft selfishly is not. Personally UNICEF, Oxfam and Doctors without Borders have always been the ones I have tried to think of and help . . . . but whichever route the dollar one can spare does take is a true celebration of the season. Oh, I guess for years past some friends perhaps have not been thrilled to find that their Christmas present is a goat or chickens to needy families in other countries or perhaps a box of crayons for a child who walks ten kms or more each way to school . . . I smile! Hope you will have a warm and caring Yule!

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    1. Hanady says:

      Hi Eha! Thank you so much for your kind comment. Bless your soul. Your efforts make all of the difference. I couldn’t agree more, any act of kindness or generosity goes quite far, even if it is toward a cause close to us. Giving produces a chain effect that inspires others to help. Happy Holidays, dear. May your new year be filled with all things wonderful. Xx


  3. Such a lovely post ❤ it’s been lovely to meet you this year and I look forward to many more shared meals xx happy holidays lovely lovely lady xx

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hanady says:

      Dear Elaine, as I have told you before, the pleasure is all mine. Your presence has made this experience all the more exciting. I too, look forward to many more wonderful exchanges with you. Sending a big hug your way. Happy Holidays to you and loved ones.

      Love, Hanady X

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      1. Thank you xx lots of love to you xx

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  4. Anne Prucha says:

    Hanady: I love all your recipes, your beautiful photos, and your thoughtful words. I’ll be sure to keep following… Happy New Year! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hanady says:

      Dear Anne! Your post brought a smile to my face. So lovely to see you reading the blog. I appreciate you and your kind words so much. You’re the sweetest. Miss you and I hope everything is great on your end. Wishing you and your beautiful family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Big hug! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. larastillo says:

    Beautifully expressed – thank you for this lovely end of the year post! One of the reasons I started to follow your blog is because of how you express yourself through words along with food. I love both the written word along with wordless communications; each equally challenging. Have a beautiful end of the year, and a warm transition into this next one!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hanady says:

      Dear Lara, thank you for that very kind and detailed message. I find it difficult to accept such a big compliment. It means a lot. It sincerely appreciate having you here. Wishing you a very Happy New Year full of blessings. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. larastillo says:

        =) I appreciate what you share. Thank you!

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  6. I just love your pictures! Great work 🙂

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